The Dogs Butcher Raw Food

The Dogs Butcher

Product NameWeightPrice (£)
Lamb Tripe Complete with Duck1KG4.30
Lamb Tripe Complete with Turkey1KG4.30
Mixed Meat Complete with Duck1KG4.40
Ox Mince Complete with Duck1KG4.30
Ox Mince Complete with Chicken1KG4.30
Ox Tripe Complete with Duck1KG4.10
Ox Tripe Complete with Chicken1KG4.30
Pork Mince Complete with Duck1KG4.40
Pork Mince Complete with Chicken1KG4.40
Purely Duck Mince Complete1KG5.30
Purely Ox Mince Complete1KG5.20
Purely Pork Mince Complete1KG5.10
Purely Goat Mince Complete1KG10.10
Purely Venison Mince Complete1KG7.50
Purely Chicken Mince Complete1KG5.10
Purely Lamb Mince Complete1KG5.60
Gutted Minced Rabbit Complete1KG6.30
Surf and Turf Complete1KG4.70
Veal Mince with Duck Necks Complete1KG7.00
Venison, Beef and Turkey Complete1KG5.10
Lamb, Fish and Turkey Complete1KG5.00
Chicken and Tripe Mince 10% Bone1KG3.70
Duck and Tripe Mince 10% Bone1KG3.80
Tripe and oily Fish Mince 5% Bone1KG4.30
Ducks Wings1KG4.20
Chicken Wings1KGo/s
Chicken Necks1KGo/s
Ducks Necks (7)1KG4.20
Mixed Offal750go/s
Lambs Liver1KG3.90
Alpaca Chunks500go/s
Boar Chunks1KG6.10
Goat Chunks500go/s
Veal Chunks1KG7.10
Venison Chunks500g4.40
Pheasant Mince1KGo/s
Salmon and Turkey1KG5.45
Salmon,Beef and Turkey1KG5.45
Ox Tripe and Turkey1KG4.10
Scottish Salmon and wild Venison1KG5.50
Ox Tripe Mince (no bone)1KG3.30
Lamb Tripe Mince (no bone)1KG3.90
Ox and Lamb Tripe1KG3.70
Ox Tripe Turkey (no bone)1KG3.90
Turkey and Lamb Tripe (10% bone)1KG3.90
Horse meat chunks 1KG7.90
Mixed meat with turkey 1KG4.40
Ox tripe with turkey 1KG4.10
Goats ribs, neck and spine 4.80
Meaty Lamb Chunks1KG8.20
Lambs Spleen 500g 3.40
Ox Kidney 500g 2.20
Salmon, Beef and Ox Tripe 1KG4.45
Beef chunks 1KG9.20