Raw Made Simple Raw Food

Raw Made Simple

Product NameWeightPrice (£)
Beef, Tripe and Chicken500g2.60
Chicken Supreme500g2.60
All Beef500g3.60
Rabbit Supreme500g4.35
Goose and Turkey500go/s
Duck and Lamb500g3.10
White Fish and Chicken500g2.60
Goat and Beef500g3.85
Lamb and Beef Tripe500g2.60
Venison and Turkey500g3.85
Salmon, Lamb and Chicken500g3.60
Turkey, Lamb and Beef Tripe500g2.60
Turkey Supreme500g2.60
Oily Fish and Turkey500g2.60
Lamb Mince and Tripe (No Bone)500g3.09
Turkey and Lamb Mince500g3.09
All Lamb500g3.60