Albion Country Bowl Raw Food

Albion Country Bowl

Product NameWeightPrice (£)
Country Bowl - Turkey454g2.55
Country Bowl - Beef454g2.65
Country Bowl - Premium Rabbit454g2.67
Standard Range - Lamb454g2.16
Standard Range - Turkey454g1.80
Standard Range - Chicken and Beef454g1.80 O/S
Standard Range - Chicken and Tripe454g1.75
Standard Range - Chicken454g1.55
Standard Range - Beef454g1.85
Complementary Range - Beef Dinner454go/s
Freeflow - Chicken2KG8.99
Freeflow - Lamb2KG8.99
Fish - Sparts1KG4.18
Fish - Mackeral1KG4.40
Fish - Sardines1KG5.21
Heart Chunks2KG9.87 o/s
Tripe Chunks2KG9.79
Beef Chunks2KG12.25
Freeflow Beef2KG8.99