Paleo Ridge

Product NameWeightPrice (£)
Classic - Beef Tripe and Duck1Kg3.75
Classic - Beef, Rabbit and Duck1Kg5.20
Classic - Fish Complete1Kg4.65
Classic - Lamb Breast and Heart1Kg5.85
Classic - Lamb Tripe and Chicken1Kg3.75
Classic - Lamb Tripe and Duck1Kg3.75
Classic - Lamb Tripe and Turkey1Kg3.75
Classic - Lamb Tripe, Kangaroo and Chicken1Kg4.85
Classic - Pork and Chicken1Kg4.40
Classic - Puppy Weaning Paste1Kg2.55
Classic - Turkey1Kg6.20
Duck Feet (Bone)1Kg3.90
Duck Necks (Bone)1Kg3.80
Lamb Necks (Bone)43.90
Lamb Ribs (Bone)1Kg4.25
Venison Ribs (Bone)1Kg4.05
Classic- Wild Venison and Duck 500g4.55
Classic- Venison, Beef Tripe and Duck1kg4.80
Classic- Beef Heart, Tripe and Chicken1kg4.40
Classic- Beef and Duck1kg4.95