NEW IN- Fresh pet cleaner and disinfectant

Bubble-gum! Cherry! Clean cotton! Baby powder!
Fresh Pet:

A powerful Pet Disinfectant Mixed Pack cleaner, disinfectant and deodoriser, effectively destroying a wide spectrum of bacteria, fungi and viruses at the source.

It eliminates odours and leaves a fresh fragrance.

Safe to use on all washable surfaces: * Floors, walls, cages, fabrics, feeding bowls, bedding, toys, runs, yards, carpets, toilets and drains. Destroys bacteria and odours instantly at source.


There is NO NEED to fully rinse the product away – simply the dirt.

Leaving some product on the surface will prevent algae and bacteria growth for much longer

Personally we give the area a gentle spray of the 50/50 mixture to leave a thin coating

Disinfecting feeding bowls / toys etc:

Use dilution of 1:100 and rinse thoroughly with clean water before re using

Foot baths and disinfection mats:

Make up fresh solutions regularly with a dilution of 1:50 – change every 48 hours or sooner in bad weather

Severe Odour Areas:

For severe odour problems you can use product neat on initial treatments.  Spray the area well and leave the product to work for 10 minutes

Then agitate the area, rinse – then spray a thin coating and leave

Best ways to use the Fresh Pet Disinfectant Mixed Pack

Apply by spraying, mopping or wiping, depending on the surface you are cleaning of course.

General surface cleaning:

For general use as an effective cleaner, and disinfectant you can dilute at a maximum rate of 1:100 with water.

This will still remove all known germs from any washable surface.

Cleaning and deodorising Yards, Kennel Runs, Outdoor Areas:

Dilute product 50/50 with clean water.

Spray the area for best coverage – you do not need to spray every inch
Using a hose if possible – add several sprays across the area – just to spread the mixture around a little
Brush the area over with a hard bristle brush or similar – to remove any debris and stubborn marks

Gently rinse the area   

Safe for animal paws – does NOT contain phenols, bleaches or pine oils. 

Can Fresh Pet be used on carpets and curtains?

Yes.  Just dilute the mixture at a minimum of 50/50 with water

Can I add it to my washing machine?

Yes.  Add no more than a single cap full per washing load (it will remove all bacteria too)

Is it safe to rinse down the drains?

Yes.  Fresh Pet is a fully biodegradable product and environmentally friendly too

Is it safe for all animals?

Yes.  We use a pet safe formula – please follow our instructions for use

Can I use it on my grass?

No.  Plants do not like formula – or being cleaned or that matter!  Simply rinse with lots of fresh water if contact occurs – so plants get a fresh drink

Can I use it through a back pack sprayer?

Yes.  This is actually a very popular way to use Fresh Pet – great for cleaning larger areas.  Just dilute as you normally would