From Rags to Riches- the benefits of raw

The extremely sad XL Bully cross breed Callie came to see us for the first time on  21st January 2023, just a day or so after her lovely owners Rachel and Jon rescued her. She was weighing in at just a measly 24.2 kilograms which is dangerously underweight for her breed. She first came in so frightened that she was consistently shaking and walking with her tail between her legs, lying down and licking her lips.

This was the first day Rachel and Jon spent with Callie. Its such  a sad sight to see an unhappy, unloved, underweight dog.

The HH team worked with her to build confidence, trust and established a relationship. We then weighed Callie in store and found out her weight. From there we worked out what diet she needed to be on to gain weight and become healthy. This was a weekly routine for us with Callie, and we adjusted her food week by week to make sure her diet was perfect for her. We supported Callie and her owners by discussing any concerns Rachel and Jon had and answering any questions, curiosities. Overtime Callie has built up to a complete diet. We’ve done this by feeding Callie a new protein every week to eliminate any allergies she may have then we have slowly added supplementary extras such as: raw egg, whole fish like sprats, mackerel,  sardines, oils and other supplements. 

Since starting raw the lovely Callie has come on leaps and bounds and is now weighing in at an extremely healthy weight of 28.1 kilograms on the 15th April 2023. Her confidence has come on massively and is now unrecognisable, you wouldn’t believe she’s even the same dog. It is incredible to see how far Callie has come and has been a privilege to see her grow in such a short amount of time.  She now comes bounding into store ready with lots of kisses for us and is one of our regulars.  The HH team supported Callie’s journey from the start and are extremely proud to have worked with her and we have fallen in love with her.    

But now Callie is looking gorgeous with meat on her bones, a smile on her face and love in her heart.