Proflax Natural Products

A renowned holistic vet assists in formulating the unique herbal blends that go into all seven products to work in total synergy for optimal health and wellbeing both physically and emotionally.  Only concentrated, human grade herbal tinctures of a premium quality are used in all Proflax Natural products for maximum efficacy and fast health benefits.

The seven individual Proflax Natural products available have been carefully selected to support different aspects of health; Skin & Coat, Immunity & Vitality, Bone & Joint, Calm & Collected, Liver Love, Healthy Heart, Kidney Care, Puppy Power, Golden Oldies and Tummy Tastic.

The inclusion of Omega-3 rich flaxseed oil in nine of the ten Proflax products will help to maintain the health of your dog’s heart, circulation, joints, skin, digestion and regulate metabolism & hormone function.

In summary, Proflax products are natural, powerful, safe and provide a ready made, cost effective solution to support your dog’s long term health and wellbeing.